Latina Sex Goddess Fucks in Las Vegas Nevada

Latina Sex Goddess Fucks in Las Vegas Nevada. I met my friend in Las Vegas and we had an intimate talk. We slowly sat down on the floor with my back against the sofa and looked up at them both, I reached up for Dante's sticky cock and pulled it down to my open my mouth and dutifully cleaned his cock of my cum as I caught my breath. He winked his cock slowly and then lay on his back on the floor in front of me and nodded to his cock. I bend forward and move slowly towards him on all fours and conquer up his long 12inch shaft and then explode the head of his cock in my mouth and move up and down up on down on it his cock rubbing down my body as my boobs rubbed up his rock hard body, I felt his cock rub crossways my smooth Latina pubic bone and then spring up between my legs, I pushed back against it and my pussy consume up his cock eagerly and I sat right down on it and leant over him and began to grind my pussy up and down his shaft, he took my boobs in his hands and press them and sucked them as I rode his cock.

Going Wild and Sexy with Hardcore Latina Baby in Las Vegas Nevada

Going Wild and Sexy with Hardcore Latina Baby in Las Vegas Nevada. I looked over at Dante stepped close and I held onto his cock with one hand, just holding it and enjoying the feel of his thick, sticky black cock, gently stroking it and winking it as I bounced on his cock. I pulled Dante closer and lifted up his cock so I could get to his balls and gave them a good thrash as he lifted my bum slightly so he could push hard and fast into my Latina pussy. Dante then again lifted my Latina body straight off his cock and laid me on my back on the arm of the sofa and spread my legs wide, his cock fell naturally to the opening of my pussy and without any direction he pushed it in and began fucking me well as he held my ankles keeping me spread wide open. My boobs wiggle back and forth, I reached out and held onto his cock to help me keep my balance, and he reached over and pinched my nipples. I put a hand between my legs and began to massage my clit hard and fast, keeping eye contact with Dante as I did. Then I’m cumming again, nearly falling off the arm of the sofa as I scream out into the night again as I cum all over his big black cock again.

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